Delight your senses.

At Harbour’s Edge, dining is a total sensory experience filled with enticing smells, sizzling sounds, and the taste of your favorite menu item cooked to perfection. And it’s all served with a side of stimulating conversation. The talented culinary team at Harbour’s Edge works with our dietician to deliver a wide variety of delicious meals cooked to perfection every day. That’s probably why our dining venues are some of the most popular gathering spots in the community:

  • Sailfish: Meet friends for a casual dining experience, five nights a week.
  • Edgewater: The perfect setting for a more intimate gathering overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway.
  • Lounge: Enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast or meet friends for cocktails.
  • Waterside dining room: Reserve our private dining room for your special occasions.

To try a delicious lunch crafted by our culinary team, schedule your personal visit by completing the contact form on this page.


Bon appétit

Enjoy the freshest ingredients flawlessly prepared and impeccably served.